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How to Keep Wasps Away at Your Summer Garden Party

If you're anything like me, as soon as the sun makes an appearance you'll want to be out in the garden enjoying a drink or two with family and friends. But there is always one thing that ruins any outdoor event here in the UK - WASPS! It's typical, as soon as you sit down with your BBQ on your plate and a G&T in your hand - you hear that buzz and you immediately feel that fear. As much as you try to ignore them, they just don't go away!

So what can you do to prevent wasps from annoying your guests at your Summer Garden Party?

Here are some top tips to try out:

  • Try putting a jar or dish out with jam in to entice them away from where you or your guests are seated

  • Burn citronella candles to keep wasps away - but be careful if you have children around naked flames or are unable to keep an eye on the candles

  • Keep your food and drink covered so that the wasps aren't enticed over to where you are - use something that will prevent them from smelling the food - like a sealed lid

  • If citronella isn't your thing, try using drops of Peppermint (it's the best type of mint to use, although any will do) around where you're sitting

  • Make sure that all rubbish is cleared away promptly, preferably in sealed bins away from where you are eating

Whatever you do, try not to aggravate the wasps or destroy their nest - this could cause them to swarm to protect their home. If you have a nest and you spot it before your garden party, it's best to hire in professionals to eliminate them properly.

I'm definitely going to invest in some peppermint this summer - as it smells lovely and keeps those pesky wasps at bay too!

Venue shown - Brickwall House, Northiam, East Sussex

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