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Ten ideas for a summer garden party theme

You've decided that this is the year you're going to seize the opportunity and throw an epic party in your garden. You've started jotting down your guest list, picturing your friends having an amazing time and then raving about your party for months to come. But how do you guarantee they'll all have a great time?

You choose a THEME!

OK, so not everyone loves a theme, but it's a great way to break the ice and get your guests talking. I've come up with 10 themes that you could choose for your party - but you can always adapt them to suit your personality or create your own entirely!

Summer garden party tablescape, garden tablescape, Mexican tablescape

  1. Hawaiian - think hula dancing, a delicious hog roast, leis adorning your guests and lots of tropical cocktails being drunk long into the night! Coconuts could be used to serve food or drinks in and you could even create a tropical island area in your garden by bringing in sand and palm trees!

  2. Alice in Wonderland - this is a great opportunity to serve an afternoon tea with a twist... you can really be creative with how you present your food - perhaps labelling little individual bottles? Guests can be wowed by magical decorations and enjoy riddles to solve throughout the party - consider hiring an illusionist to entertain your guests!

  3. Bridgerton - a bit more effort needed on the costume side of things - but you could simply serve drinks and canapes to your guests whilst a string quartet plays in the background. Décor wise you may want to bedeck your garden with beautiful floral displays spilling out of gorgeous urns.

  4. 80s - it's a chance for everyone to dig out their leg warmers and go all out with their hair and make up! The music, the fashion - what's not to love? Imagine your guests bopping away to the epic tunes whilst being papped on a polaroid camera!

  5. Sporting heroes - you could make this a specific sport or theme it around a specific sporting event like the Olympics. If you have the space you could play rounders or set up an old school sports day too - there's nothing better than a bit of healthy competition to get your guests talking!

  6. A Midsummer Night's Dream - your guests may choose to dress up in a costume, but I'm thinking this theme will impact your décor more than anything - greenery, flowers in abundance, hints of magic... This is the perfect theme to hire in performers - perhaps someone performing ballet?

  7. Mexican fiesta - you could serve Mexican fajitas, drink tequila and decorate with colourful flowers. Photobooth props work so well with a Mexican theme too, and if you book a mariachi band, they'll be sure to have your guests dancing the night away!

  8. Aussie BBQ - this is for those of you who are looking for a more laid-back summer garden party. You have the BBQ cooking away, beers on ice, everyone decked out for the beach with their bush hats on and music playing - you could even get someone to play the didgeridoo!

  9. Casino - you could ask your guests to all dress up a la James Bond or make it more casual. You'll most likely want to hire in casino games and have your guests being served drinks and easy to eat nibbles whilst they're trying their luck at the blackjack table...

  10. Cowboys and cowgirls - traditionally in a barn, but definitely doable in a garden! Bring in hay bales, old farm machinery (even if it's just an old hand plough) and gingham tablecloths to set the scene. Entertain your guests with a country or folk band and maybe even a rodeo cow? Serve scrummy food like pulled pork baps, sweet potato chips and wash it down with a beer or two!

Afternoon tea tablescape, garden party table, vintage tablescape

If I've whet your appetite, but you don't think you have the time or know-how to organise your very own summer garden party, then have a look at my website to see how I can help!

I can help to plan your party from start to finish, or simply offer a helping hand along the way as a consultant. However, you wish for me to help, I will be there ensuring that your party exceeds all of your expectations!

Evie x

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