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Do I Need to Hire a Party Planner?

You're planning a celebration and you're not sure whether you need to hire a party planner or not? This quick blog post will outline 5 reasons why you might want to hire one to help you with your special event.

Three tier, semi-naked birthday cake with palm leaves and a 'Wild One' topper

  1. They save you time - your party planner will spend the time researching and liaising with suppliers, so that you don't have to. They will have trusted suppliers that they use, but if they're not the ideal fit, they'll be able to use their industry know how to find the perfect suppliers for you.

  2. They have the knowledge - this might be the first large celebration or event that you've organised. However, your party planner will be used to planning events, so will know what to do and when to do it. They will make sure that everything has been planned for, with contingency plans in place too.

  3. They save you money - a party planner will help you to create, and divide up, your budget - making sure that you are spending wisely on the different elements of your celebration. They will monitor your budget to ensure that you're staying on track and not getting carried away!

  4. They have great ideas - your party planner is a creative person, they would have seen trends that you haven't, and have ideas that you've not considered. A respectable party planner will listen to what it is you want for your event, and make suggestions to bring your vision to life.

  5. They will run the event for you - on the day of your celebration you'll want to be enjoying the party with your guests. If you have a party planner on board, they will be liaising with all suppliers, making sure that everything happens as it should and dealing with any unexpected issues, should they arise.

If you're looking for someone to help you with planning your party or celebration, then get in touch via my website to organise a no-obligations, free consultation.

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