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Winter Cocktail Ideas for your Celebration

Whether you're getting married, or simply celebrating a special occasion, you want your party to stand out - for the right reasons! So often, we do things simply because we think we should/it's the done thing. When it comes to what drinks to serve your guests, don't just opt for the usual bubbles or pimms (especially if it's a winter do!) - think carefully about what you can serve guests to enhance their experience.

These winter cocktail ideas should give you some inspiration to think outside the box and create a drinks menu that wows your guests.

Espresso martini on copper bar surrounded by flowers and candles.

Espresso Martini - Admittedly, you can drink an Espresso Martini at any time of year - but they look great for winter celebrations and the coffee flavour makes it feel warming and ideal for celebrating during the colder months!

Hot toddy - Warm drinks will take a bit more planning if you're doing a DIY celebration, but they're great for those cold winter evenings. The classic Hot Toddy is made with whisky, lemon, honey, cloves and cinammon and is a bit more exciting than the usual mulled wines/ciders/ginger beers.

Apple and Gin Cocktail - This is really easy to make, and great for those who want to do something a little different, without designing their own drinks menu! You simply mix gin and a sparkling apple juice together, then pop cinammon sticks in there so that the flavours infuse.

Sloe Gin - Sloe Gin is the perfect winter tipple - you could even try making your own to serve to your guests! You can have Sloe Gin by itself, heat it up or add a mixer to it - try prosecco, lemonade or anything else sparkly with a citrus flavour.

Gingerbread Martini - Add a little winter spice to the usual martini, by making it gingerbread flavour! Mix vodka, whisky and hazelnut flavour liqueur with a ginger syrup to create this festive tipple!

If you haven't got a bar team or mixologist to hand, to create the perfect winter drinks menu for your guests; you can always try making your own concoctions at home. A simple way would be to experiment with whisky based cocktails, think about adding warming flavours such as cinammon, ginger and nutmeg. Whilst this is time consuming (potentially messy and expensive) it could be a great way to spend some time with loved ones, getting creative and coming up with something new and personal!

Photographer, Emma Hall Photography,

Flowers and styling, The Bloominati Florist, 

Bar, Wild Box Bars,

Venue, Chafford Park, 

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