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Planning the Perfect Festive Proposal: Top Tips

For some people, there is nothing more romantic than the Winter. Roaring fires, twinkling lights everywhere, cosy cuddles on the sofa - so why not make the most of this and plan to ask the person that you love, to marry you!? The perfect festive proposal isn't too different to plan than a proposal at any other time of year - but I'm sharing some top tips with you, to make this the best proposal ever!

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1. Make sure that you're both on the same page before you plan the proposal. If you've ever seen a proposal fail online, chances are that the couple weren't on the same page to start with! You should know your partner, are they ready for marriage? Have they expressed a desire to take your relationship to the next level? If there are any concerns, make sure that you address these before you ask them!!

2. Plan the proposal carefully, considering your partner's wishes! There is no point planning an elaborate proposal whilst ice skating together on a crisp winter's evening, if your partner hates the cold, and is like Bambi on ice! You want the proposal to be memorable for all of the right reasons! If your partner is into cosy nights in, with matching PJs and a hot chocolate - plan your proposal around that!

3. Be prepared for things to not go exactly as planned. You may have planned the perfect proposal, and have had the flash-mob of elves rehearsing around the clock - but remember, your partner will be totally unaware! They may not stand in the exact spot that you'd planned, or they may not want to open the box of chocolates at that precise moment. You must have back up plans - how will you (subtly) get them to do what you need them to, in order for the proposal to work!

4. Consider the weather/winter ailments. I personally think the winter is super romantic, and is one of my favourite seasons. However, remember that the weather can change unexpectedly. You may plan to propose with a snowy landscape behind you, only to find on the day that it's pouring with rain and a mud bath! Also, remember that the winter is when most people have colds and illnesses. Will your partner want to be sneezing throughout the proposal? Or have a bright red nose in their engagement pictures? Take these into consideration when planning your proposal.

5. Finally, consider everyone else! If you're planning on surprising your other half with a festive proposal, make sure that those around you won't mind either! You don't want to get down on one knee just as your Grandpa is starting his annual Christmas speech, or just after your nieces and nephews have opened their stockings full of noisy toys! If you're choosing to propose at a family gathering, think about what everyone else will be doing/how they will react!

Like with any proposal; plan what to say (without it being scripted), decide if you want it captured on camera, work out what you'll do after they've said yes (is the champagne on ice ready?), and most importantly, make sure that the proposal is personal to the two of you as a couple. It's your special moment, not something designed to get likes on Instagram!

Happy proposing!!

For more help with planning a proposal, read my further tips here.

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