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A guide to the last few weeks of wedding planning

You’re on the final countdown to the big day and you want to make sure you have sorted everything so that you can relax and enjoy your day – knowing that it has all been planned to perfection. But how do you know that you’ve got it covered? Read on to see my helpful reminders of what you should be doing in the lead up to your wedding…

1. It’s not glamorous, or exciting, but it is essential – checking ALL supplier contracts. You need to make sure that you’ve gone through each contract with a fine-tooth comb, you want to know exactly what service they are providing for you and how. Make sure that there are no assumptions - now is the time to clear any last-minute queries up so that you all know exactly what is expected to happen on/before the big day.

2. This also gives you the opportunity to reconfirm all of your suppliers – making sure that they’re fully prepared to provide you with the exceptional service you expect on the day.

3. Another essential task to tick off in the lead up to your wedding is to create your wedding day schedule. I’d recommend doing this digitally (or in pencil if you’re old school) as you’re going to be tweaking it as you go along, it will only be finalised in the final few days before your wedding. You need to make sure that you’ve noted down all the timings of when suppliers are setting up, what time they need to have finished – you don’t want the florist frantically arranging your floral arch as your guests are arriving for the ceremony. This will take some thought, and it will take some brain power, but it is so important to allocate time to creating your schedule, as it is crucial in order for your event to run smoothly.

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You shouldn’t just think of suppliers, but you should also consider where key guests need to be and when. For example, do your Bridesmaids need to collect brunch for your Bridal party on their way over to your house? Does the Father of the Groom need to remember to bring his treasured fountain pen for the signing of the register? There is a lot to think about, there’s no denying it. But give yourself some time to sit down, have a look through everything and walk through the day – thinking of who and what needs to be where and when.

4. Once you have created the schedule of all schedules – you now need to make sure that it is distributed to everyone who needs a copy. Think venue, stylist, florist, bridal party, groomsmen, caterers, band etc. If in doubt – send it out! You want everyone to be as beautifully prepared as you are (yay!).

5. I’m going to be honest – this list is probably seeming a) extremely daunting and b) rather boring… but we are nearly at the ‘fun’ parts – I promise!

6. In the final few weeks/months you’ll need to think about all the little bits that go towards creating your dream wedding. You should already have catering, band, florist etc sorted, but what about all the small details? Think about orders of service written and printed, menus printed, readings chosen and distributed to those reading them, ceremony music selected, gifts for your parents/bridal party etc. Also think about little things that can easily enhance your guests’ experience: heel stoppers to stop ladies sinking into the grass, slippers or flip-flops for guests’ tired feet, blankets to keep them warm as night falls.

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7. If you’re still with me, well done you! Your caterer/venue will need to know final numbers and have copies of the seating plan sent over with any dietary requirements etc. They’ll give you a date that they will need this by (should be in the contract that you’ve already worked your way through – go you!) so make sure that you have this information back from guests with enough time to ping this over to the relevant suppliers!

8. What you need to consider next is what you will need on the day/the night before/for your wedding night. Make sure you have a list that details what you need and where. For example, if you’re getting married in a marquee in your parents’ garden, you may be staying there the night before; so you’ll need PJs, any face masks, moisturisers, phone chargers etc. In this instance you’ll most likely have everything to hand during the day if you’ve got ready there, but where will you be spending your wedding night? It may be a good idea to double up on toothbrushes/toiletries etc and have your wedding night bag pre-packed and ready to go with you (or ask a lovely member of your bridal party to pop it over to your hotel etc on the morning, so it’s all ready for you when you roll up at 1am with your new spouse!).

9. FINALLY! Make sure that you set aside time for you as a couple, to spend some quality time together before your big day, regrouping and re-energising ready for the most exciting day of your lives!

There is a lot to think about in the last few weeks/months before your wedding; but remember, if it does all sound a bit daunting – then there is help out there!

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The Centrepiece is where I help couples bring all these key elements together, ensuring that all their hard work planning pays off and they have a relaxing lead up to their wedding and a truly memorable day!

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, please do get in touch via my website and we can have a chat! I’d love to hear all about your wedding plans and support you with bringing them to life.

Evie xx

Main two images courtesy of Steven & Karen at All Occasions Photography -

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