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Where do I start now that I'm engaged?!

First of all, let me start by congratulating you on your engagement! It’s an exciting time and the start of a new chapter!​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​

You may well still be on cloud nine and find yourself gazing at your left hand every 30 seconds, or you may be itching to get started with planning your dream wedding.​​​​​​ ​​​​But where do you begin?

First things first,​​​​ sit down with your partner and have a think about how long you would like your engagement to be - are you thinking of getting hitched as soon as possible? Or do you have a special date in mind? ​​​​​​​​It could be that you’d love to get married on the anniversary of your first date, or that you love numbers and want to get married on 11.11.22? Even if you’re flexible with specifics and just love the idea of a certain time of year, it’s good to have a rough idea before you start looking into planning any further.

After you’ve selected the rough date/time of year, I’d recommend discussing where you would like your wedding to take place. Do you want a destination wedding? Are you planning on marrying in your local church? It’s important that the location fits with what you both want as a couple, but it’s also good to bear in mind who you are inviting. Is it practical to invite 100 of your closest family and friends to a mountainside ceremony in The Alps?

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Choosing the location of your wedding also raises the question of what type of ceremony will you have? Will you have a faith wedding? Or would you prefer to have the local registrar officiate? Once you’ve chosen your wedding location and ceremony, you need to think about the reception, if you’re having one. Are you able to host the wedding breakfast where your ceremony takes place or will you need to find a different venue? Think about logistics of the day, how will you and your guests travel between the venues. It’s not overly practical to choose a ceremony and reception venue that are miles and miles apart!

We’ve touched upon guests a little bit already, but it’s never too early to sit down and write a draft guest list. This isn’t going to be set in stone, but it will give you a rough idea of the size of venue that you should choose. If you’re only planning on inviting 20 people then you probably wouldn’t want to hire a humongous banqueting hall; likewise, if you have 250 people on your initial guest list then you won’t be able to hold your reception at your favourite little eatery.

Once you’ve decided on the rough date, location and numbers, you can start looking for your venue/s and arranging visits. It’s so important to make sure that you go and have a look at venues before you book as you can really get a feel for the place and take the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Securing the venue is the first thing to tick off on your wedding planning list; once you have done that then you can really start to delve into the world of wedding planning!

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I have a blog coming out soon with a handy checklist of what to do next, but if you think that you may like to have someone supporting you throughout the wedding planning process then it may be that hiring a wedding planner is something that you should consider.

Have a look at the weddings page on my website to see how I could help you – my services are totally bespoke and range from consultancy, to helping with the last few weeks and on the day, to being there to guide you throughout the entire process with the ultimate full planning experience!

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