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What Should I be Doing the Week of My Wedding?

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, there is so much to organise and you often spend months, or even years, putting everything together ready for the big day. But what should you be doing in the week before your wedding to make sure that you're fully set? A lot of this depends on the type of wedding you're having; for a destination wedding you may be flying out to settle in to your accommodation, if you have a wedding planner you may just be finalising the odd detail with them whilst you focus on relaxing or if you have a marquee wedding you will have the marquee being put up, furniture arriving etc. But this blog is here to outline what most people will want to do in the lead up to their big day...

Bride gets her lipstick done by her make up artist

So, tell me - what do I need to do the week of my wedding?

First of all, you want to make sure that you are super organised ahead of the big day. There is no point going to a spa for the day to relax, if you're still worrying about who is sitting where and what underwear you can wear under your dress! So my first piece of advice, would be to make sure you have ticked off everything on your to do list.

  • Make sure that all suppliers are booked, that they know what they're doing/what they're providing and when they're arriving.

  • It's a great time to go over all previous correspondence with suppliers to ensure that you haven't missed anything and to even check over contracts. You should know what will happen if your food van is late, what will the band do if one member is stuck on the motorway? This way, you're prepared for the day!

  • Finalise any contingency plans - what will you do if it rains? if it is a heatwave? if a key member of the wedding party is delayed/unwell?

  • Ensure that caterers are kept up to date with any last minute guest changes/seating plan moves or dietary requirements.

  • Create a detailed schedule for your suppliers - they'll want to know what time the ceremony is, the drinks reception, speeches etc. But for key suppliers, such as caterers, photographer/videographer and musicians, it might be worth giving them a little bit more of a schedule. The caterers will need to know when the room shots are being taken, so that they can place wines/waters on the tables afterwards. Your musicians will need to know when they can arrive to set up, what time they're going to be fed etc. The more information that you give people, the less they will have to ask you on the day. As a side note here - please remember that NO wedding has ever happened exactly on time - things always happen, so you and your suppliers will need to be flexible on the day.

  • Make sure that your photographer and videographer know exactly what shots you want them to take (and even better if you can give them names and 'titles' e.g Best Man (Jack F), MOH (Sarah K).

  • Ensure that you inform your guests of any last minute information that they might need - have the parking instructions changed? will they need to bring an umbrella as it's due to rain? You can do this easily by pinging out an e-mail of updating your wedding website.

  • Put together a list of all suppliers contact numbers and give this to someone sensible who will be in charge of problem solving on the day. Likewise, make sure that your suppliers have the contact number for them too - you won't want the cake maker to be messaging you whilst you're getting dressed to tell you that they're 10 minutes late.

  • Make sure that you have a detailed list of all of your decor items/their locations so that whoever is setting up knows exactly what goes where and if/when it needs to be moved. It's also a good idea to mock up your table settings and take a photo (unless your stylist is doing it for you) to give to your planner/caterers/whoever is setting them up.

Then, once you're happy that you're as organised as you can be - make sure that you take time to RELAX!!

Bride in ivory gown with flower crown, carries son down the stairs
  • Take five minutes to breathe, read a book, have a bubble bath

  • Have your beauty treatments ready for the big day

  • Spend some time together, just the two of you - it's so important that you re-group before the big day

  • If you have the time, go for a spa day so that you can totally switch off

Wedding planning is like an extra full time job - it takes the average couple approximately 250 hours to plan their wedding. So you want to make sure that all of your hard work pays off by being as prepared as you can be, whilst also looking after yourselves and making sure that you're not about to burn out on the big day!

The Country Blush can help you with planning your wedding, ensuring that you arrive at your wedding, feeling relaxed and ready to celebrate with your loved ones. Have a look at how I can help you here.

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