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Venue Review : The Kent Meadow

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

The Kent Meadow is an exclusive, two acre meadow; nestled in the gorgeous Kent countryside, just outside of Egerton - a small village eleven miles from Ashford, but not too far from great transport links to London and the Continent.

Driving down the hedge-lined country lanes towards The Kent Meadow, you begin to breathe in the country air and fully appreciate just how private this venue really is! Sitting in the extensive grounds of a beautiful Wealden farm house, which dates back to the 16th Century, you're instantly wowed by the gorgeous English Cottage garden and surrounding pastureland.

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Five Fast Facts about The Kent Meadow

  • The Kent Meadow is available to hire for a limited number of weekends between May and the end of July

  • You are able to hold celebrant-led ceremonies here

  • There is plenty of local accommodation in the surrounding villages

  • All celebrations have the exclusive use of the grounds

  • Dogs, and other animals, are permitted with prior consent

In this review I'll be sharing my thoughts on The Kent Meadow, as well as highlighting some key points to think about when considering this venue for your own celebration. All facts are correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing; however, it is always best to contact The Kent Meadow directly as things can change. All views are my own.

First Impressions

I couldn't believe how perfect The Kent Meadow was for hosting a wedding or celebration. I loved the fact that it really felt like you were hosting a party in your own (perfectly kept!!) back garden. The cottage gardens at The Kent Meadow are split into 'rooms' by hedges and densely planted borders, lending themselves perfectly to hosting a drinks reception or welcome drinks for your guests, whilst they admire the beautiful surroundings.

Key Information

The Kent Meadow is available to hire for any type of celebration - from your wedding, to a birthday or anniversary party. The meadow is not currently licenced for hosting legal ceremonies; however, you can choose to have a celebrant-led ceremony or have a church wedding in one of the nearby villages. The willow arbour makes a lovely focal point, if you did choose to host your ceremony, as well as your reception, at The Kent Meadow.

The meadow itself is ideal for marquees - there is plenty of space for your main structure as well as catering tents and any additional areas that you may want to create, such as a chill-out zone or a staff tent. It's located behind the English Cottage gardens, which means that your celebration isn't held directly next to the lane - allowing you and your guests total privacy, and safety if you have any small children attending your event.

Due to the size of the venue, you aren't limited by strict guest numbers when planning your celebration; the meadow can fit substantial marquees, so you can really create a unique celebration to suit your exact requirements. You have access to the meadow throughout the few days leading up to your event, meaning that your suppliers can have everything set-up for you with plenty of time, leaving you to relax and enjoy your wedding or celebration as if you were one of the guests.

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If you decide to host your celebration at The Kent Meadow, you aren't restricted to using any specific suppliers; you are totally free to choose the individual suppliers that you want to use, in order to create your bespoke event. It really allows you to create a unique wedding or party and to work with people who can help bring your vision to life - not someone else's! The Kent Meadow do have recommended suppliers to suggest if you are unsure where to start, but the freedom to choose allows you to use family and friends if they want to DJ or set-up the flowers, or to pick the caterers from your all-time favourite restaurant.

Anything else...

The Kent Meadow really does allow you the freedom to make your celebration your own - whether that is decorating trees in the meadow or gardens with beautiful lights, so that your guests can enjoy a quiet stroll in the grounds after dinner - or if it's bringing in a fire pit so that you can celebrate in style into the night! The Kent Meadow has it all - space for you and your guests to party, laugh and dance the night away, as well as areas which are unapologetically romantic and are the perfect backdrop for stunning photos!

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Final verdict

I must admit, I stumbled across The Kent Meadow unexpectedly one day whilst on Google maps - and what a find!! I immediately had to get in touch with the owner of the venue as it was only 10 minutes down the road and I had not heard about it. That just shows you how private and exclusive this venue is, they don't take on huge amounts of weddings or celebrations as they don't want their couples or clients to feel like they are on a conveyor belt. As much as I loved the beautiful meadow surrounded by the stunning Kent countryside, it was the combination of the look of the venue as well as the logistical aspects that wowed me about The Kent Meadow. When planning a marquee wedding there are logistics to think of, not just the styling, and I was really impressed with how well thought out the venue was. There was a separate (hidden) area for supplier parking/chill out areas, an ideal spot for your vanity units which won't spoil the views of the cottage gardens and plenty of space for access/parking for your guests. It's such a special venue and so perfect for anyone looking to host a stunning wedding or celebration in a secluded corner of the Kent countryside!

The Country Blush, celebrations with meaning across Kent, East Sussex and the South East. Marquee specialist, creating weddings and celebrations as meaningful as the [love] story they represent.

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Photos courtesy of The Kent Meadow.

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