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What is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner, Coordinator and Stylist?

You've decided that you'd like some help with your wedding - but you don't know WHO you should be contacting? Every time you search the web, you come across wedding planners, wedding designers, stylists, coordinators... but who do you need to help you with your specific needs? This blog post will hopefully go someway in helping you to understand the difference between all these wedding pros and what they offer!

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What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is someone who does just that, they plan your wedding. Now this might sound obvious, but when we look into the stylist and coordinator roles, you'll start to see the difference. As with any service, different planners may offer slightly different levels of support for their clients, but on the whole this is what a planner will do.

A wedding planner will:

  • Help you before your wedding day, as well as on the day itself, with logistics

  • Create and manage your budget

  • Research, negotiate, book and liaise with suppliers

  • Make recommendations

  • Support you with etiquette advice

  • Ensure that everything is organised/contingency plans have been made

So, what is a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is different to a venue coordinator; their roles may be similar in some ways, but in essence a venue coordinator works at a specific venue, whereas a wedding coordinator is employed by individuals for their specific event.

A wedding coordinator will:

  • Bring together all of YOUR planning

  • Create a detailed schedule for the week before/on the day - using the information that you have provided

  • Liaise with your suppliers in the lead up to the wedding

  • Ensure that everything is set up correctly, and runs smoothly on the day

  • Be the point of contact for suppliers on the day

  • Help you with anything that you may need on the day

What is a wedding stylist?

A wedding stylist (or wedding designer) is someone who styles your wedding. You may bring them on at the very start of your planning journey, or you may hire someone more for styling on the day - furniture/prop hire companies often do styling for their clients. Essentially, they are there to help to style your wedding and to ensure that it looks exactly how you imagined.

A wedding stylist will:

  • Focus on the aesthetics of your wedding day

  • Create a moodboard to show you design ideas

  • Source suppliers, as well as props etc, to create your wedding design

  • Liaise with suppliers providing design elements

  • Be there on the day to set up/ensure that it looks how it should

Like with anything in this world, it isn't as clean cut as the above bullet points. Of course, you will have wedding planners who will also support you with the styling - but they may work alongside a separate wedding stylist. Likewise, some coordinators may help you to plan a few of the last minute elements of your wedding or styling; for example, assisting with sourcing favours, or hiring a photo booth for the reception.

A wedding planner drinking a cup of tea

When choosing whether you'd like to hire a planner, stylist or coordinator; you need to think about exactly what level of help you're looking for. Once you have decided exactly how you'd like them to help, it will make it easier to find the right person for you. As previously mentioned, you'll find different levels of support within these three categories, as well as overlaps. You just need to make sure that you find the right person for YOU.

To find out more about how I can help you, have a look at my services page on my website.

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