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I Didn't Become a Wedding Planner to...

Being a wedding planner is one of the best jobs in the world; people think it's glamorous and perhaps don't even take the profession seriously. Many people believe that a wedding planner isn't necessary and that all they do is pop out place cards and hold a clipboard. That couldn't be further from the truth; so I've decided to share the reasons that people think I became a wedding planner, and then the actual reasons why!!

Wedding planner lighting a candle on a table

I didn’t become a wedding planner…

  • To become an Instagram influencer – I’m not looking to have tens of thousands of followers and to portray my life as Insta worthy (because it isn’t!)

  • To meet a love interest of my own – I know J Lo didn’t intend to fall in love with one of her grooms in The Wedding Planner, but you can be sure that I won’t be doing that with your other half. I’m happily married and not looking to meet anyone new!!

  • To tell you what you should do on your wedding day - I can advise, but at the end of the day it is your decision to make. You choose the colours, food, dress, members of the wedding party etc. It’s not a re-make of my wedding day!

  • To iron linen and sprinkle scatter crystals – I will help ensure that your linen is neat, that your tables are set out how you like. But that’s not the entirety of my job – I’m there to help with much more than place cards and napkins!

  • To crash weddings – I do love a wedding (more so than most!), but I didn’t become a wedding planner just so that I could ‘crash’ weddings and enjoy the free food! Don’t get me wrong, you need to look after your suppliers and make sure that they have a meal on the day, but that’s not why we decide to work in the industry!

The reasons why I did become a wedding planner

Wedding planner on vintage sofa with cocktail

A lot of people probably think I’m a bit sad, but I just LOVE weddings! I get goosebumps during the ceremony and when the couple see each other for the first time! I find the whole occasion so exciting – seeing two people declare their love for one another in front of their nearest and dearest just gets to me (yes, I am the sort of person who wells up!!). I love the feel-good atmosphere of a wedding; seeing people enjoy the food, dancing or singing along to the music – the whole environment really. I am also totally obsessed with wedding fashion – whether that’s what the couple themselves are wearing, or their guests. I grew up watching Say Yes To The Dress with my mum, and I’d honestly try on bridal gowns every day if I could!

I’m a pretty organised person and always have been - I’m not just good at it though, I actually enjoy being organised! I’m the sort of person who loves lists; I write lists of lists and I love scrapping them and starting again so that they’re neat. I love thinking outside of the box and coming up with solutions to any problems that may arise. I also love helping people, so I wanted to put my organisational skills to good use and help couples by making their lives easier with practical solutions.

As well as offering practical support, I love helping people by offering emotional support. Weddings can be overwhelming, as in most cases it isn’t something that the couple have done before; tensions can rise between family members and sometimes you can feel like your voice isn’t being heard. I wanted to become a wedding planner to help my couples navigate through the, sometimes tough, conversations that might take place during the planning process. I wanted to be there to champion them, to be their friend, to help them achieve what they want – without burning bridges along the way!

Photographs - Emma Hall Photography at a styled shoot. For the full dream team of suppliers, take a peek at this blog.

If you want to find out more about me - click here.

To find out about the services that I offer, have a look at my wedding page.

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