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How to choose the marquee for your wedding or event

You've decided that you want to host your wedding or celebration in a marquee but you don't know the different styles of marquee to choose from. This is a quick guide to help you with choosing the right marquee for you; looking at where they can be put up, whether you can remove the sides and all other key information that you need to know!

Traditional Marquee

  • Uses central uprights and guy ropes with a canvas or PVC cover

  • Traditional marquees need to be put up on grass

  • The sides can either be up or down

  • They can be used with or without linings

  • You can have a variety of different flooring options in a traditional marquee

  • Different traditional marquees have varying gaps in between guy ropes

Frame Marquee

  • An aluminium frame with PVC cover

  • They can be put up on a variety of surfaces; grass, tennis courts, concrete etc as they are completely free standing

  • The sides can be opened/rolled up if required

  • Frame marquees need lining so that you can't see the metal structure inside

  • You have different flooring options available from wood to carpet to matting

  • You can connect frame marquees and make different areas using various sized structures, they can even be attached to existing buildings

Sailcloth Marquee

  • A pole structure with guy ropes and canvas, squoval shape (rounded ends)

  • Sailcloth marquees need to be put up on grass due to the guy ropes

  • The sides can be rolled up/down as required

  • They aren't normally lined as the wooden poles add to the look

  • There are a variety of flooring options, from carpet to wooden floors

  • You can interlink them with other structures

Stretch Tent

  • Waterproof stretchy fabric, stretched over poles to create limitless shapes

  • They are freestanding so can be placed anywhere

  • The sides can't be changed once it has been put up, but you do have the option to have a more open structure or have the fabric come down to the ground to create walls

  • They are a great option for awkward places like patios

  • As they vary in shape considerably the flooring options may be limited

  • You can use different stretch tents to create a larger marquee, if required


  • Traditional tripod design with a canvas cover

  • Usually put up on grass, otherwise they need drilling down

  • The sides can be up or down. When up they look like a witches hat. Once you've decided on the sides, they aren't easily changed throughout your event, unless you have opening panels where the sides are up (in a witches hat design)

  • You can get dead space with tipis, plan your design carefully to utilise these. Be aware of the light in tipis - they can be quite dark.

  • Usually matting floor, unless semi-permanent when wood can be used

  • You can link them together to create larger structures


  • A circular wooden structure covered with canvas

  • Yurts use guy ropes, so should be placed on grass

  • The sides tend to be down on yurts

  • They can be decorated inside using the wooden frame to help

  • You can use matting for the floor, and in some cases wooden flooring

  • Yurts work well for a boho vibe and can be linked together to create larger structures

Capri Tent

  • Uses lightweight, internal poles to create the arched shape of the marquee

  • The Capri doesn't use guy ropes, so can go on grass or hard standing

  • The walls are easily detached so that you can have a panoramic view, or they can be zipped open

  • There isn't a lining, so can make it a more affordable option

  • They rarely have flooring - but you can choose to

  • They can be linked together to make a larger structure, but are relatively lightweight so aren't great in high winds

Mughal Tent

  • They can be a traditional pole structure, or a frame

  • The traditional pole structure uses guy ropes, so will need to be on grass

  • The sides can be on or off, depending on your requirements

  • They're lined and can often have very luxurious, colourful fabrics

  • You can have various flooring styles

  • They can have walkways attached to link to other tents

Chinese Hat

  • These are usually used for smaller events, as entrances to larger marquees or as catering tents etc.

  • They can be placed on any surface - grass or on hard standing

  • The sides can be off or on, closed or open

  • They aren't usually lined

  • You can use various flooring types in Chinese Hats

  • They're good to link together to make a larger area, especially if needed as a wet weather contingency

Once you've chosen your desired style, your marquee company will come and carry out a site visit to ensure that it is suitable for your event location. They will check everything from marquee positioning, to underground services, to access. Marquee celebrations are a great way to put your own stamp on your event as there are numerous ways in which to decorate them and create unique spaces.

If you're looking for any help with planning your marquee wedding or event, please get in touch via my website to arrange a free consultation.

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