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How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the UK?

Your wedding won't be exactly the same as someone else's; therefore, the service that your wedding planner provides won't be. It's very hard to say exactly how expensive your wedding planner will be - but in this article I will outline various scenarios that will affect how much your planner charges. For the purpose of this article, I'm focusing on full wedding planning services only.

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The size of your wedding - a wedding for 50 guests will be considerably less work than a wedding for over 300 guests. Think about the time it will take for your planner to send invitations, track RSVPs, create seating plans, put out place names on your tables etc. Your planner will most likely have to hire in assistants for on the day if you have a large number of guests (anything over 100) to help with all of the above tasks, as well as with general guest management on the day.

The venue/location of your wedding - a wedding which is taking place in a hotel would require a different level of input from your planner than a wedding at a dry hire venue or a marquee. At a hotel there is often a lot already in place for a wedding (think catering team, waiting staff, bar staff etc) and perhaps even a venue coordinator for the lead up and on the day.

However, if you're getting married in a marquee at home - your planner won't have that help. On top of that, there will be all of the additional logistics to consider for the big day. They will need to arrange toilets, catering equipment, furniture, parking, security, staff etc. This all takes time and will considerably increase the work load of your planner. A wedding planner would also need to have an assistant on the day to help them to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Without the support of a hotel/venue team, an assistant is essential.

The location of your ceremony - if your wedding ceremony is taking place at a different location to your wedding reception, then this can increase the cost of hiring a planner. Not only will there be more logistics to be solved (think transporting you, guests, flowers etc) but they also can't physically be in two locations at once - so will need to hire an assistant for the day.

The length of your wedding - weddings are no longer a one day affair, people are adding on rehearsal dinners/welcome drinks the evening before and even parties or brunches on the following day. With these extra celebrations surrounding the main event, it's going to significantly increase your planner's work load, and therefore the cost of their services. The same also applies to how long your wedding is on the actual day too, some planners may only be on site for a certain number of hours; however, if you're planning on partying in your parents' garden until the early hours, you may need your planner there until the end to assist with clear down - or at least ensuring that the fire pit has been properly put out!!

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Your wedding budget - this may, or not, come as a surprise to couples, but your wedding budget will affect how much your wedding planner costs. This is largely due to the fact that couples with larger budgets tend to put on more for their guests, therefore increasing the work load of the planner. A couple with a larger budget may decide to have live music for their ceremony, drinks reception, during the meal and for the party - arranging all of these musicians is going to add to your wedding planner's work load.

How far your planner has to travel - if you've got your heart set on a wedding planner based in Kent, but you're getting married on your family estate in The Highlands then you will most likely have to cover their costs. As well as their time for planning your wedding, you may need to pay for their travel expenses and accommodation. This will either be included in your proposal, or highlighted as an additional extra.

These are examples of how your wedding will affect the cost of the planner; but remember that their experience and own knowledge will also influence the cost of their services. It's also important to point out that there will inevitably be differences between what different planners include in their full planning services, which will also affect the price. Some may include helping you to find your wedding dress, others may help with creating your design board and some will include sending out invitations - it's important to see exactly what is/isn't included when comparing quotes from different planners.

Evie x

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To see what I include in my full wedding planning service - have a look at the wedding page on my website.

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