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How Much Does a Wedding Coordinator Cost in the UK?

When looking into 'how much does a wedding coordinator cost in the UK', we firstly need to be clear on what we mean by a wedding coordinator. A coordinator is someone who brings together all of YOUR plans - taking over from you either on the day, or in the lead up to your wedding. This is different from a wedding planner, who would be with you throughout most, if not all, of your planning journey. A coordinator will generally assist you with the running of the wedding day, and creating a schedule etc.

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So what affects how much a wedding coordinator costs?

  • When they come on board - some wedding coordinators will come on board a few weeks out, whilst others may be there supporting you from a few months out. The longer you are working with your wedding coordinator, the more that the service will cost. Some coordinators may only begin working with you 4 weeks before your wedding, simply gathering the information from you and running your event on the day. Other coordinators may liaise with suppliers for you, taking over any final communication, create a bespoke schedule to ensure that your day runs smoothly and offer any guidance from this point until your special day.

  • How many meetings you have - the more meetings that you have with your wedding coordinator, the more the service will cost. You may find that your planner has one meeting, gathers all of the relevant information and then turns up on the day. Whereas some coordinators will have an initial meeting and then perhaps another meeting to see your venue. Whether your meetings are online, or in person, may also affect the cost of your wedding coordination service.

  • What assistance you need - if you have everything sorted and your coordinator is simply confirming with suppliers and creating your schedule, then the service will cost less than if they need to help you a lot. If you still need to book certain suppliers, source decor items etc, then this will increase the price of a wedding coordination package. Most coordinators will offer support and guidance from when they begin work, but sourcing suppliers may be an additional cost.

  • How many hours you have them for on the day - on the day hours vary greatly between wedding coordinators. Some will be there from the start until the bitter end, whilst others will have a set amount of hours included in the service. Be sure to find out what your coordinator offers, and what additional hours will cost. You may also be having multiple events at your wedding spread over a few days, in this instance, your wedding coordinator will most likely charge you more, as they will be on site for a greater number of hours (as well as the additional admin hours needed to liaise/confirm with a larger number of suppliers, and create a longer schedule).

  • How many coordinators/assistants you need - how many team members your wedding coordinator needs will depend on your guest numbers, the type of venue you're getting married at and what you have happening on your special day. If you have a very large wedding with 100s of guests, your wedding coordinator will need extra team members to assist with set-up and guest management on the day. Likewise, if you're having a marquee wedding, or are getting married in a dry hire venue, your coordinator will require additional people to ensure that your day runs smoothly. Having your ceremony in a different location to your reception, will also mean that you need more coordinators; other elements such as a huge band, a creche for children etc, will all require extra coordinators - to keep an eye on everything and ensure that suppliers have everything they need on the day.

Like with anything, there is no easy way to price wedding coordination as there are many variables; but I do hope that this blog post went some way to helping you understand what factors may affect the price of this service. Wedding coordination can often be called 'on the day coordination' or 'wedding day management'; I prefer not to use 'on the day coordination' as it implies that you literally only help on the day - and dismisses all of the hard work that goes into the lead up to the wedding for your clients!

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