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Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

Not everyone will want to hire a wedding planner – and that’s ok!

But if you’re sat on the fence, here are a few reasons why I believe you should hire one...

Autumnal barn wedding, East Sussex

1. They save you time

Whether you’d love someone to help you with the whole process, on the day or sporadically throughout – wedding planners can save you time! They understand what goes in to planning a wedding – they’ve done it before and will have templates and systems in place to manage RSVPs, sort budgets etc etc. Even using a wedding planner on a consultancy basis will save you time as they’ll be able to give you tips on how to complete wedmin (wedding administration!) tasks efficiently. A wedding planner will also have trusted suppliers who they’ve worked with before, saving you time trawling through the internet or traipsing around a wedding fair trying to find the right supplier for YOU.

2. They can save you money

A wedding planner will have experience with managing event budgets. They can be savvy about where best to allocate your wedding funds, depending on what’s important to you. For some couples the food is the (second!) most important part of the day, whilst for others it could be finding that dream venue. Whatever your priority is, a wedding planner would be able to breakdown your budget into appropriately proportioned chunks to best suit your needs. They’ll also know ways to create your dream event, whilst being mindful of your budget – within reason!! We don’t all have the bank balance to recreate a Royal Wedding or that floral display we’ve seen on Pinterest, but if there is a way to cleverly achieve that for you – a wedding planner is the best person to help!

3. They can help you to create a cohesive event design

Even the logistical planners amongst us will be able to help you ensure that everything works well together as one cohesive design. Sometimes couples have so many amazing ideas of what they’d like to include in their wedding, but they don’t all necessarily work together! You don’t want to end up with a mish-mashed design that leaves your guests baffled! A wedding planner will be able to either subtly include all of your ideas so that they do work well together, or they can help you to narrow ideas down, working out exactly what vision you’re trying to create. They also think of design elements that you may not have even considered yet; for example, lighting at your event, creating different areas within your venue, what trends will date quickly etc.

Rustic wedding cake, barn wedding

4. They ensure that your event runs smoothly on the day

This is true even if the venue that you have chosen already has a venue coordinator, as there is a difference between the two roles (have a look at the great article written by Cranberry Blue – link below). If you’ve decided to hold your wedding in a marquee at home, then I would strongly advise you to hire a wedding planner – even if it is just for on the day coordination, as you would need someone there making sure that everything happens as and when it should. In an ideal world your wedding would all go as planned, but in case it doesn’t your wedding planner will be able to use their problem-solving skills and resourcefulness to discretely sort any issues that arise – without your guests or you ever knowing!

5. They'll be able to advise you on wedding etiquette

It’s so hard nowadays to know what’s the ‘done thing’, weddings are constantly evolving and you’ll realise that some age-old traditions just aren’t expected anymore. You may be left baffled as to whether or not you still need to have a receiving line? Where will your divorced parents sit at the wedding? How will you word your invites as you’re paying for the day? Weddings can feel like a minefield of lingo and traditions, coupled with the opinions of everyone from your colleagues to future mother-in-law – you may well find that you want a wedding planner to help you navigate the dos and don’ts! Your wedding planner will be up to date with what is and isn’t necessary at a wedding and they will be able to create a day that truly reflects you, whilst still being respectful to tradition or a specific culture.

6. They'll be there to support you

If you’ve taken the time to choose the right wedding planner for YOU – they’ll feel more like a friend than someone that you’ve hired. It’s so important to make sure that you click with your wedding planner as they’ll be helping you to prepare for the most important day of your life, and supporting you on the day too. They will be your champion, your confidante

Wedding planner - Kent, East Sussex and South East.

and your shoulder to cry on – all rolled into one. This isn’t to say that friends and family aren’t hugely important too; however, sometimes you need someone with an outsider’s perspective to help you navigate any bumps on the way. Their support will keep you relaxed in the lead up to your wedding and ensure that you have the best day ever!

If you've decided that hiring a wedding planner is for you, or you'd like to know more - head on over to my website to see exactly how I can help you plan your day -

If you'd like to find out more about the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, have a look at this really helpful article by Cranberry Blue -

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