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Who are the Best Wedding Planners in Kent?

When it comes to choosing your wedding planner, most importantly, you have to make sure that you click with them as a person.

There are plenty of wedding planning businesses out there, and an abundance here in the South East. So how do you go about picking the right planner for you? Where do you start?

As I said in my opening line, you have to make sure that you click with them! If you're organising a marquee event, then some planners will be better suited to you; likewise, if you're organising a multi-cultural wedding - there are planners out there who specialise in this area too. There are even planners who specialise in coordinating your wedding for you - after you've done all of the planning!

In this blog post, I'm going to introduce you to the best planners in Kent, depending on the service/style of wedding you want.

The Best for Co-Ordination - Laura Jayne at Your Wedding, Your Way

Two brides embrace under a flower hexagon at their woodland ceremony

Laura has been in the industry for over ten years now, and in that time she has successfully coordinated a large number of weddings for her clients. What I love about Laura, is that her desire to help her couples' plans come together is at the forefront of everything she does. Laura knows that some people want to organise their weddings themselves, come up with their own ideas and perhaps even have friends and family making elements of their day. But she also understands the importance of having someone there to run your wedding on the day for you.

Laura knows what needs to be considered in advance (where is the bouquet going once photos have been taken? Who has the rings? etc) and she ensures that her couples are over-prepared for their wedding day. Laura doesn't want all of your hard work to become undone on the day, because you don't have someone their coordinating everything for you.

Laura takes the time to find out every detail from her couples, so that she can create their bespoke schedule and guide them in the lead up, if they need a little extra helping hand. On the wedding day, Laura comes armed with her extensive 'emergency kit' - containing anything that she might need to use in order to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

The Best for Multi-Cultural weddings - Lydia at Ella Parisa

Bride and groom laugh in front of a tree

Lydia knows her niche, and she excels at it. Lydia is one half of a multi-cultural union herself, and having planned her own wedding to reflect her and her partner's different backgrounds, she knows what her couples may come up against. It's hard enough as it is to organise a wedding, but when you are trying to incorporate, and be respectful of, two different cultures, there are added considerations to be made.

Lydia is the ideal person to help you when planning your multi-cultural wedding; she can help you to create a wedding day that is truly unique to you. One that reflects both of your backgrounds and respects the different cultural traditions that you may want to include. Lydia's focus is on creating heartfelt days for her couples, and she is well-equipped to help you to navigate those outside opinions - at the end of the day, it's your wedding!

Lydia offers full planning, planning support and on the day coordination - her experience working at one of the best venues in Tunbridge Wells, means that she is always super prepared for your wedding day (detailed schedules, venue visits and her on the day kit too!) - and is always there to ensure things go as smoothly as possible!

The best for Marquee weddings - Natasha at Natasha Spencer Weddings & Events

Bride and Groom in red sports car

Natasha's passion for the wedding industry is evident in everything that she does. She utilises her love of weddings and super organisational skills to create the most exquisite marquee celebrations for her couples. Natasha offers varying levels of planning support, but she's always loved getting involved with the planning from earlier on in the process.

Natasha's experience of marquee weddings enables her to create stunning events, that more importantly, run effortlessly. Natasha understands the extra considerations needed to be taken when organising a marquee wedding, and she thinks of everything! She's organised marquee weddings at all sorts of venues, from stunning properties with formal gardens to a field! On the day, she's super efficient at ensuring everything happens as it should, whilst also making sure that the couple and their guests are having a great day. She's great at thinking on her feet and finding quick solutions to any issues that may arise!

Natasha not only runs her wedding planning business, but she also runs Kent Crockery Ltd - who hire out cutlery, crockery and glassware for style conscious couples celebrating their weddings in marquees or dry hire venues. This is a great additional service for a specialist planner like Natasha to offer, as so often couples don't consider tableware when organising their own marquee weddings!

If you're looking for on the day support (although it's much more than just turning up on the day!), help with organising a multi-cultural wedding that reflects you as a couple or someone to assist with all of the additional logistics that a marquee wedding requires - reach out to these amazing planners! Not only are they great at their jobs, but they're approachable and great fun to work with - you won't regret it!

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